As I mentioned in my previous post on Life Drawing I’ve been working on speeding up my drawing and painting process.

During my last trip to the life class with All the Young Nudes, it struck me that sketching within a set time was helping me.

So, I decided to start my own timed sketches. I found a range of subjects that interested me, got out my sketchbook, pencils and a black fine tip pen, and my iphone, where I could set the alarm for a specific time frame.

I’m finding it a challenge to just stop drawing when the time is up, but I’m learning lots from the process.  Here are the few that I’ve done so far. I will be sharing my timed sketches on this page so stay tuned!

Ps – I’m always looking for inspiration for these timed sketches, so feel free to suggest a sketch, stating the subject and time allowance! I will post my sketch on this page,  along with your name.