A few years later, I was asked to do another painting, this time for a very good friend and colleague at the time. She was keen on having a bespoke painting done and I thought it would be another nice gesture to give a painting as a moving-in gift.

We decided to spend a lovely wee day one Saturday, wandering around Glasgow’s West End, stopping off for a delicious and relaxing lunch at the Olive Pip on Crow Road. We browsed through some small galleries, and took a drive over to Annan Art, one of my favourite galleries in the area. Right away, my friend spotted a painting she absolutely loved. I made a mental note, to remember the general colour scheme and composition.

My friend has, for most of her life, been the biggest fan of Arran, visiting regularly with family and friends. I had the idea in my head of what I wanted to do so I got back to the flat and set to work.

Arran2When I think of Arran, I think of the ‘sleeping soldier’, the view of the hills in Arran, so I decided to use this in the painting. I wanted this one to be vibrant, using bright oranges and contrasting blues, based on my friend’s excitement in the art gallery!

This is the finished piece and I was pleased with it. More to the point, my friend loved it, and for the years following, I used to love going to parties and dinners at her house, seeing this on the wall in the lounge.

This was another attempt at a more relaxed style, and I enjoyed the process.