I found out last week that a painting I submitted to US horror magazine Devolution Z, would be published.

It is now live, and available in paperback and kindle, via Amazon!

A few months ago, my friend Christopher Mooney invited me to create a painting to accompany a short story he was submitting to Devolution Z, for a special edition based on Bigfoot. For this edition, the magazine was also inviting original artwork. Chris has been growing as an author, with a raft of recent publication successes with short stories and poetry, so this was a really exciting challenge to work with him on a joint submission!

Bigfoot drawingI received the first draft of Chris’s short story, entitled El Chupacabra. I loved it on first view and I immediately had an idea of what I wanted to create – something fairly simple and subtle. I started work on my idea, sketching out the thoughts in my head.

I was quickly satisfied with my vision and it took just 7 hours from start to finish (pleasing, as I’ve been working on timing with my quick sketch challenges).

I am absolutely delighted that both my artwork and Chris’s story were accepted and have been published side-by-side in the special edition of the magazine. As an added bonus, my artwork is featured on the back cover!

Here is the final artwork

Bigfoot Artwork