Receiving something unique, something created only for you, is special. One of the things I genuinely love about art is being able to create something that I can give to my close family and friends that means something to them. It really is a lovely feeling.

The first painting I ever completed was a ‘new home’ gift for one of my best friends, following the purchase of her first home.

At the time, I was more used to drawing, but had a real desire to paint using oils – that was the style I liked to look at. I was delighted when my friend asked if I could paint a design she had in mind. (Delighted and scared!..) 

She had a good idea of the style and size that she wanted, the colours, and where it would go in the house, so I had a level of detail to work with. The vision was something simple, serene and featuring a lone sail boat.

I set to work, trying to develop a painting using a style vastly different to the realistic scene that I was so used to doing. I actually found it therapeutic, just throwing caution to the wind, and creating something new.Sail

This is the finished piece, and my friend was chuffed to bits. What a feeling, going into a house and seeing your painting on the wall! 

Ten years on, and it’s still hanging on the wall. It’s nice to look back and remember the confidence I took from this.