With the last few paintings framed and delivered, I started to think about framing some drawings I had done when I was younger. Back then, I used a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal and chalk. These mediums offered an element of control, and allowed me to get into the detail of eyes and other features. I used to really enjoy drawing portraits, as you can see below!

Young Girl

GirlThis young girl was drawn during my Higher Art class at school, and done in chalk and charcoal. It was taken from a magazine cutting. From memory, I was in 5th year at school so I would have been around 16. It’s always been one of my favourites, and once I got it framed, I put it up in my house (you can even see the window reflecting in this photo!).

The Boy – U2 Album Cover


This is a pencil drawing of the front cover of the U2 album “The best of 1980-1990”. I went through a phase of really wanting to draw eyes, and I always started with the right eye (as the artist, not the subject) and then draw out from there. I like this one now that it’s framed.



I drew this one of Paul Gascoigne or “Gazza” whilst he was playing in Scotland in the mid-1990’s, when he had dyed his hair blonde. I used coloured pencils for this one.

“The Big Yin”


Billy Connolly has always been a hero of mine. I’ve been to see him several times, and I used to watch his (videos!) and DVD’s when I was growing up and they always kept me laughing and smiling. This portrait was taken from the book cover of his autobiography “Billy”, written by his wife, Pamela Stephenson. I like the fact that this one is unfinished.

In 2004, I went to see Billy Connolly during his tour, at the London Hammersmith Apollo. I decided to take my drawing down to see if I could have it signed. We ended up rushing to the venue, and staff advised me that whilst I wouldn’t be able to go meet Billy, they would take it to his dressing room and ask if he could sign it. I arranged to pick it up after the show. I was delighted that he had signed my drawing!

Since moving into oil painting, I haven’t really dabbled in portraiture, aside from a self portrait. It’s a skill that I hope to master, and I’m glad that I’ve gone through the exercise of having these drawings framed, and reminding myself how much I used to love tackling faces.