A few months after completing my first paid commission ‘Brother and Sister‘ for my colleague, he asked me to do another! A loyal customer – that works for me!

Another personal subject for this one. His mother and father were selling the family home he and his sisters grew up in, and were downsizing. He wanted to capture a memory of the house for his parents, and also for the wider family to remember each time they visited.

I managed to find a nice photo of the house, a well balanced bungalow in a lovely situation.  The photo had been taken on a sunny day, which was good.

Bungalow2This took me just over a month, working on it in the evenings after work. The vertical blinds and the slates on the roof were the most challenging part.

This painting was going to mean something special to the family so I was determined to do a good job.

Once finished, I got it mounted and framed and brought it in to work. I felt less nervous than I did the first time, but still rather apprehensive because of the sentimental aspect.

I was chuffed to bits that he loved it, and subsequently informed me that his parents, and the rest of the family also loved it and that it was a welcome addition to the wall in the new house.

Another great result, and another example of how just going for it has helped me to get on with a new painting, and deliver something of value to people.