Over the last year I’ve dedicated the majority of my spare time to creating new work and soaking up creative inspiration from a range of artists-come-authors. I find it extremely motivating to read about the success stories and lessons from people I admire, and I love that burst of creative energy it inspires.

Recently, I was sitting on my sofa one evening, sketching out some ideas and I looked over to the shelf in my lounge, stacked with a collection of the books I’d recently purchased and read. They were all books relating to art and business – ranging from art history, to illustration, to practical guides on how to ‘do what you love’.

I made the decision to draw this snapshot. This very stack of books was a complete reflection on the journey I was making and where I wanted to get to.

I decided to draw this rather than paint it, as I had several other paintings in progress and it’s nice to switch medium. Fittingly, the book on top of the pile was one of my favourites – Austin Kleon’s bright yellow, little square book called ‘Show Your Work’.  

The perfect book title, and I took heed – here is the finished piece.

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