Ever since I can remember I’ve loved drawing, and been not bad at it. I loved art at school, got good grades, and was always drawn to arty things as I was growing up, particularly Monet and impressionism in general (probably spurred on by a stay in Paris as part of my University course). I used to draw everything and anything, including views from our window at home, trainers, boats etc, and my style was always pretty detailed and realistic. My mum and dad always wanted me to go to Art School when I was younger, but I always figured that doing something like that ‘for a job’ would make it less enjoyable, and ultimately risked making me hate art. I didn’t want that to happen. Years on, were they right? Who knows.. (..PS – mums and dads are always right – we get to know that once we’re older).

All I know is that my love for art has never gone away, and it’s getting more and more prominent in my life. As I was getting older, I wanted to paint though, and around 2006 I took a short evening course in oil painting at the then College of Building and Printing in Glasgow. It was a short course so I didn’t learn loads, but I guess it gave me the cattle prod to try oil painting, having put it off for a number of years. I started to dabble, and teach myself how to work with oils, and importantly, how to correct mistakes! My style seemed to follow from my drawing style – fairly realistic.

Having dabbled in the odd piece, I gradually started to show people my work. Hey, they even seemed to like it! So in the last couple of years, I’ve managed to gain my first commission, followed by a couple more, and this has helped me become more proficient and confident in my ability to create something that people want to pay for.

I feel like I am growing into the artist that a part of me always wanted to be, but was too scared. So I decided to start this site, to chart my story of early works, to talk about what inspires me as I move forward, to showcase any new works I create, and to celebrate my successes, as little or as huge as they may be.

When you do something you love, it’s worth writing about.

I hope you enjoy!