Yesterday I went along to a drawing workshop taken by Jake Spicer at Cass Art in Glasgow as part of his DRAW Tour. Here are some things I took away from the class..

What holds us back from drawing?

  1. TIME – We lead busy lives, with work, kids, commutes and that can make drawing seem impossible to squeeze into your day.
  2. MATERIALS – We feel that we need to have a full blown set up of pads, pencils, pens, charcoals etc and this can prevent us from spontaneously sketching what we see around us.
  3. SUBJECT – We are creatures of habit, generally driven by routine. Routine can make our surroundings appear mundane, and we don’t feel inspired to sketch what we see every day.
  4. CONFIDENCE – Practice boosts confidence. Like any musician or sports player, the more you practice, the more accomplished you become. We don’t always feel confident to start a drawing because it’s been so long since we last drew.

Each of these points resonates with me. However, Jake highlighted some really simple ways to make drawing part of your everyday life.

  • Leave a sketchbook and pencil in your kitchen or lounge. Whilst the kettle is boiling for a cuppa, sketch a chair, or a fork, or your partner watching TV.
  • Buy an A5 sketchbook and keep it in your bag. Sketch on the move! You can draw commuters on the train, or distract yourself when you’re stuck in a waiting room, or bored listening to ‘hold music’ on the phone.
  • Start to look at your surroundings differently. Become inspired. Identify an interesting part of a building, or an object in shadow from the sunshine. You will be amazed at what you start to notice when you look for it.
  • Don’t be afraid to just draw. No one has to see it, so make mistakes! The more you draw, the better you become, and just watch your confidence grow!

Some great tips from Jake. His new book, DRAW is crammed with tips, techniques and exercises you get you going.

Sketch - Coffee Cup
Inspired coffee!

I sought inspiration post-workshop in a coffee shop.

What are you waiting for!